The invention as the engine revolution?

Automotive Fair in Stuttgart, DIFFERENT PRESSURE AND ROTOR MOTOR performer was clearly GRADE.

General Manager Ali Batmaz our Stuttgart- Newspapers, last day, the Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart and until a new one that participated in the 2017 Fair is an interesting project, NEW GENERATION OF ENGINES ‘project manager met with Satan A. İbragymov. Ali A. Buoyant İbragymov Satan answered the question:

-What did you attend this exhibition aims?
İbragymov: Turkey’s national car production in order to capture the target with the greatest need in the world these days, and we offer all car manufacturers even project

our country in a new generation of engines with engine and car production project can not capture the performance of the project will make it unbeatable, specializing in engine Stuttgart We have participated in the fair.
The director of the Participating Satan A. İbragymov and patent holder Ramzan Goytemirov, in order to participate in the exhibition and investors contributing to the prototype model works Mustafa sliding Ismail Dogan, technicians İsmail Bektaş and Hamidiye machine company owner Mind Steel and many with the support of engineers and scientists, our project evaluation relativity were discovered to be presented at the fair. Engine offered as the project will be instrumental in the realization of all the technological transfer of new technology both law is targeted to be the company of Turkey.

-This project is to study how the product?
İbragymov: Physical and Mathematical Sciences Academy of founding president and former general manager of the Science-Industry Organization Dr. Ramzan will create Goytemirov’s revolutionary new engine development project was completed in 16 years. Engine project he worked on the man more than 50 experts and scientists from various countries. Mechanical and technical institutes were made in cooperation with five. After numerous experiments made this step until proven workability is then produced prototype engines with power from the Geneva-based International confirmed the class was patented. Dr. Goyemirov was the 25 national and a patent with international forces and the most important revolution represented a new engine project authority, project manager with quality Devil A. İbragymov a given engine to industrialization in Turkey the green light burned.

-Sözkonu What is required for starting the engine production?
İbragymov: The most important part of the engine to be produced, will produce a new generation of rotor-hibritmotor, patents, licenses and work documents originating in Turkey would be a concern. Perhaps with other statements on Turkey

The transfer of engine technology for the first time Turkey will enter between countries. Our drawings, if used thanks to the employment of our patents and our expert team, a very short time in seven months as local and national, not like anyone will be able to produce at least 30% and fuel-efficient engines. Said engine has a capacity of between 220 and 5,700 horsepower.

When -Serial production will be passed?
İbragymov: thanks to transferring production of the engine manufacturer and Intellectual Property Rights as well without restrictions on exports, Turkey could get rid of the dependence of the motor and engine technologies will rise to leading positions in the production.
At the fair, a large number of proven interest from automotive companies in the world who see the project, even if the engine has started negotiations about the sale of licenses. Trade through the motor after returning to Turkey to produce Patents industry’s first production, for example, starting immediately in consultation with industry investors in Turkey Michigan fair is aimed to be ready for the prototype engine. The first example of the motor industry will be manufactured by Turkish entrepreneurs will have approximated one more step will be providing both revenue and license sales to Turkey and Turkey’s state from using technological independence no restrictions in terms of deterioration of our industry.

Can you talk about the features of -Motor?
İbragymov: Looking at the motor’s distinctive features shown below, is surprising experts characteristic data.

(WO / 2011/041855) TWO-ROTOR HYBRID DEVICE WO / 2011/041855) Reversible motor advantages:

– Crank rodless ana düğüm.
– eccentric rodless consisting of gas distribution mechanism.
– Motor balance adjusted, the vibration level is less than 70%.
– Motor noise level is lower than 60%.
– Energy conversion efficiency is greater than 30%.
– The number of parts is less than 70%.
– Due to the volume of the engine is quite reduced, operation and maintenance is very easy.
After hybrid electromechanical and effective motor is made, the same engine can be managed by the computer.

-Finally, do you have a message you want to announce through our newspaper?
İbragymov: serial production of the new generation of engines and generators and power plants müstenit the new engine is essentially devoid of competition in the market. Our goal at the beginning of the project and in the next 10 years of engine production in the world market with a share of 60%, is to be the leader. Perhaps this may surprise goal or dream can come, but we can say clearly that specialize in engine disagree on this issue.

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